Jigsaw Piece 16


  • Midden Site - M.A.G. Excavation 1983
  • 53 Beeleigh Road - M.A.G. Excavation 1960
  • 5 Gate St. (east part of site) - Observation 1985
  • 33 Beeleigh Road (higher south part of site)

During the search for the burh several areas investigated did not produce any evidence of ancient earthworks thus providing useful 'blanks' on the plans.

Small plan

Jigsaw Piece 17


Questionnaire Evidence
An embankment (which has been demolished) ran from the bottom of the garden of No. 8 London Road to Beeleigh Road.

As part of the Burh Research project pupils of the Plume School delivered questionnaires to all houses in Beeleigh Rd., London Rd. and Chases, Wellington Road, Gate St. and the north side of Spital Road as far as St. Peter's Hospital. The general reaction was one of interest and co-operation and replies provided some useful comments, such as the one above.

Small plan Mike Eddy's Survey in Spital Road

A narrow strip of land between NO.2 and No.4 Spital Road exhibits a shallow double ditch profile. This was noticed and recorded by Mike Eddy in 1982.

Paul Drury's and Nicholas Wickenden's Plan

The publication of 'An Early Saxon Settlement within the Romano-British Small Town at Heybridge' (Medieval Archaeology vol xxiv, 1982) included the burh on a plan. Its shape and location match our own evidence much more closely than earlier conjectures.

Small plan

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